FUNO - Steering Angle Kits

Want to get that competitive edge or just have more confidence in the angle you can throw into a corner?  Then check out the range of steering angle kits we distribute.  We run these steering angle kits on our Firefly competition drift cars and as you can see, the results are staggering.  Check some of the pictures and videos available on our Insta, Facebook and Youtube accounts.  

About the kits manufacturers:

Funo Auto Tuning are a tuning company specializing in the development of cars to sport and to the streets.
They are manufacturers of parts such as:

  • suspension/angle kits to drift
  • exhaust manifolds
  • manifold gaskets
  • adapters for transmissions
  • adapters for brakes
  • and many others.

They place great emphasis on the quality of their work and offer a wide range of possibilities. They do not follow the beaten track and we are not afraid of new challenges. 

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