Silver Velcro Heat Sleeving
Silver Velcro Heat Sleeving
Silver Velcro Heat Sleeving

Silver Velcro Heat Sleeving

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The Funk Motorsport Silver Velcro Heat Sleeving allows both protection of vital lines and signal cables whilst at the same time keeping the engine bay or cabin tidy. This type of heat Insulation sleeve will improve reliability in the entire engine bay of your car.

Common racing or industrial applications use our silver thermal sleeve to improve the performance of their cooling system. Reducing heat soak onto oil lines and actually ensuring that oil and other fuel lines remain at the optimal temperature of which your engine needs. Other protection can include; heat wrap for wires and wiring looms. This will not only protect from harmful heat energy but will also reduce the chance of these cables becoming damaged from rubbing. One safety-critical reflective heat protection that we see very commonly is brake line heat wrap. The idea behind this is to keep the brake fluid inside at a cool temperature, meaning that brake fade and brake fluid boiling will become a thing of the past when the brake lines run throughout the hot engine compartment or exhaust.

Worried about a hot component, such as a turbo or an exhaust system boiling your coolant? Funk Motorsport's range of heat sleeving can help. By using their thermal hose sleeving, we can reduce the internal coolant temperature of the hose to ensure that the coolant or fuel temperature remains where it needs to be. And provides the cooling performance required and reduces the chances of fuel vapour lock. Select the 30mm or 50mm diameter for most hose selections.

This fireproof requirement will withstand direct heat of up to 250°C. Created using malleable high-temperature silica with a heat-reflective material laminate, this shroud is designed to easily slip over cables and lines in situe without the need for any line or cable disconnecting.

All of Funk Motorsport's associated drifters, racers and road-going modified cars use the velcro heat sleeving to ensure reliable running every time. The Silver sleeve will protect in all conditions as well as ensuring a tidy finish is ensured to any engine bay or race cabin. Some even use this heat sleeving to protect and tidy their audio wiring as a thermal cable sleeve. As used throughout F2, British Drift Championship, and our various Hoonigan Industries projects, amongst others.

This heat sleeving is available for all Motorsport categories in sizes:

  • 7mm (Dia) x 0.5m (length)
  • 15mm (Dia) x 0.5m (length)
  • 30mm (Dia) x 0.5m (length)
  • 50mm (Dia) x 0.5m (length)

Our protection sleeve is also suitable for AN4, AN6, AN8, AN10, AN12, AN16 hosing.

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