Adhesive Silver Heat Blanket
Adhesive Silver Heat Blanket

Adhesive Silver Heat Blanket

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Funk Motorsport's Thermal Blankets provide the most versatile heat shielding option to any build, shaped exactly as you need it, to tackle the issues you are facing. Create a heat insulation wrap around any chosen area with an insulator and heat deflector product that has a single layer of ceramic silica matting, which has been covered in a silver foil tape laminate to combine to create a reflective heat shield. It is capable of enduring consistent temperatures of up to 500°C for prolonged periods of time, whilst protecting against flashes of high heat at up to 1000°C. This heat blanket is perfect for protecting against radiant and convectional heat transfer.

This versatile product has commonly been seen on BTCC cars’ cockpits to help reduce heat transfer inside the car, whilst also being used as a thermal wrap around induction systems on Drift cars

Fitting instructions:

Depending on your application, this process could vary slightly, but the principles will remain the same. Lay the heat reflective material over the area (or use a template), mark this out on the material, then cut to size using good scissors. Ensure that the area you are fitting to is clean and clear of all contaminants and is suitable for fitment. Remove the backing, then take your time and work from one end to the other to firmly press the material into the chosen area. You should now have a durable area covered in silver heat protection material.

How is this product commonly used through our customers?

  • Under bonnets / underhood to insulate and protect the structure.
  • Bulkhead insulation, to keep the driver cool and insulated from the engine bay heat
  • Exhaust tunnel insulation, to keep the cockpit cool and insulated.
  • Heat Lagging Induction systems to keep air intake temperatures low. For more information on how to lower your air intake temperatures, click here.
  • Keep your fuel tank cool by thermally insulating the fuel cell with this heat shield
  • Protect engine bay components from excessive heat transfer

This self-adhesive silver heat blanket is available in 60cm x 70cm sheets.